Posted by: mcfinder | November 9, 2010

fashion store bans shop assistant from wearing a poppy

First of all, you will have to all excuse my language in this post – because reading this story from the Daily Mail has really pissed me off.

So, some trumped up, self important shop keeper has told 18 year old Harriet Phipps that she cannot wear a RBL Poppy to work as it is not part of the uniform. Who the <inster swear word here> does that person think they are? Their excuse is that it is not company policy. Well I say sod corporate hoity-toity bloody policy and show some damn respect. Soldiers are fighting and dying so you can keep your shitty shop open without the threat of being bombed and you wont let your staff wear a little poppy? It makes me sick.

So. The shop in question is Hollister in Southampton. I am in half a mind to go to Southampton and paint the whole f@*@ing shop poppy red. If anyone is passing by the store, go in and ask why none of the staff are wearing poppys – see what they have to say. Better yet, take a war veteran in with you and get the pompous, self centred, ignorant jumped up little shit of a shop manager to tell the veteran why none of the staff are allowed to wear a poppy.

What a bunch of fuckers.

Oh and here is another thing…those people that have commented on the Daily Mail story about ‘times are changing’ and the Poppy Appeal is out dated etc…you tell that to the veterans of the Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan that are looked after by the Legion. You tell that to the soldiers who can’t walk any more because of land mines. You tell that to the widows of the soldiers that have been killed. You tell that to the kids who no longer have their Dads.

Get some respect.


  1. Disgraceful. Down with Hollister!

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