Posted by: mcfinder | August 7, 2010

Tank-tastic day at Bovington

Took the kids the other day to the tank museum at Bovington – Had a wicked time, I hadn’t been there for many years. The museum has under gone a very nice new facelift, including new exhibitions and facilities, and is a wonderful day out. From the very first tank ever (Little Willy – which has now got a beer named after it!) to the modern-day 21st century vehicles there are over 200 tanks and armoured vehicles that have seen action in every major conflict since 1915. 

I wanted to visit the Trench exhibition which allows you, the visitor, to follow in the footsteps of a ww1 army recruit. From recruiting office in England to mud and blood of the front line trenches. But my young boy, Honza, was scared of the exhibits and we didn’t go in…which is a shame, but I am sure we will get to go again! What has this got to do with a tank museum you may well ask? Well, actually, everything. The tank (or land-ship as it was originally called) was primarily invented (by the British) in an attempt to break the stalemate of trench warfare, and made its world debut in September 1916 near Delville Wood during the later stages of the Battle of the Somme. 

Another great exhibition is the Tank Story which follows the evolution of the tank from Little Willie in 1915 up to modern-day tanks and all in between. Including the daddy of them all – the Tiger.. 

After spending 4 hrs shouting ‘Daddy look at that big gun!’ my two lovelies dragged me to the souvenir shop where we purchased 2 (talking) soldier hats. Jan and Lenka both then ran to the car pretending to be tank soldiers, shooting imaginary baddies. We had a great day which ended up with both of the proclaiming loudly ‘Daddy, we LOVE tanks!’ 



So, why not get down to Bovington this summer – it looks like the sun has gone for the summer so you will probably be looking for somewhere indoors to take the kids…the tank museum is a great choice! 

Honza taking on 'the baddies'

Honza taking on 'the baddies'



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