Posted by: mcfinder | April 1, 2010

Easter Weekend Special – Any soldier researched for a tenner!

That’s right, for all orders placed before midnight on Bank Holiday Monday, the cost to fully research any soldier that fought before 1922 will be ten pounds (plus photocopies and postage).

Also, you can also order my book: ‘Winners of the Military Cross During the Great War’ (Volume 1) for a 50% off fee of £10 (including P&P).

All you have to do is to email me at and send me the details of the soldier you want researching, and mention the special easter pricing. I will then ensure you only get charged the special rate. (You won’t have to pay until I have finished the research).

In order to qualify for the discount you need to submit your order by midnight on Bank Holiday Monday, mention the special easter pricing, and submit all of the following details of the soldier – full name (incl. any middle names), regiment, service number and era in which he served… Any other details such as date of birth is a bonus and would help.

If you are purchasing my book, again just email me and tell me if you want to pay by cheque or paypal. If you want to use paypal I will send you an invoice for the reduce amount. Pls do not use the website paypal link as this is set to the full original price. You can only get the discount price by emailing me a

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