Posted by: mcfinder | January 13, 2010

Community Service for fake veteran.

Roger Day proudly wore ‘his’ medals at last years remembrance parade in Bedworth, Warwickshire. He is an unassuming gentlemen, however his medal bar was anything but! Seventeen medals (count them!), including what looks like from the photos (and I may be mistaken so pls forgive me) a Distinguished Service Order and Bar, a Military Cross, and a Military Medal adorned on 2 seperate bars would suggest this war veteran was a true hero. We are talking The Red Baron, Bomber Harris, Douglas Bader, Chavasse, and the like – household names –  kind of heroism here. Indeed the recipients of such gallantry awards are often the souce of numerous research projects and books and documentaries.

But there is no book on Mr Day, because his medals are fake. Not fake in the fact that they are not original, but they were not earned by him. Evidently he concocted a story of military heroism to impress his wife/girlfriend. That’s fine, I suppose if you want to do that kind of thing..we have all bent the truth a bit to impress a lady, but 17 medals? With 4 Gallantry awards? That’s a bit much. If he would have had a single MC and a couple of campaign medals, no one would have batted an eye lid – but such an impressive haul was bound to get attention.

So now, after pleading guilty, he gets 60 days community service. Silly old sod!

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