Posted by: mcfinder | November 4, 2009

A few thoughts on the trip so far…

Before I continue with day 4 and the journey to Verdun, there are just a few things I need to say about the trip so far..

It seems that France is one of the most expensive places on earth. I will never ever complain about the prices in the UK again. 1.20 for a Mars, 1.70 for a coke..this place is a rip off. Also, it seems that on top of this, the place is full villains and thieves that are always on the look out to rip off johnny foreigner. Yesterday I bought 2 cokes from an empty cafeteria and was charged just shy of 5euros. Unbelievable. A couple of pastries and a bottle of water from the local Boulangerie wont leave you much change from a tenner…

On the plus side the roads in France are something to behold, even the small country lanes are in perfect condition. (Mr Brown take note). Another odd thing is that we have hardly seen anyone at all. All the towns we go through are deserted, offices are shut, shops are shut, supermarkets are empty…where is everyone? It is a bit odd to say the least..No street lights either, unless you are in the middle of a major town which makes for interesting times on the bike when it gets dark..

So far the trip has been a good one, if not a bit more expensive than I would have liked…the credit card is taking a hammering, looks like I will need to work a few more months on the military research side of things to pay it off.


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