Posted by: mcfinder | September 13, 2009

New cemetery for the soldiers of Fromelles

For the first time in half a century, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission have began work on a brand new military cemetery. The Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery is being built to rebury the bodies of hundred of British and Australian soldiers who were killed in the Battle of Fromelles and have recently been found in a mass grave. In advance of the burials, archeologists from Oxford are examining the grounds around the grave and many artefacts are being uncovered. The CWGC will provide an individual grave for each soldier, many of which are being identified by badges, buttons and other items.

It is estimated that the cemetery will be completed in summer 2010, and there is a planned public commemorative event planned for July 19th 2010 (the anniversary of the Battle, which took place in 1916 as part of the Somme offensive) to mark the completion of the project.

The CWGC do a remarkable job tending to our fallen war heroes. Their war cemeteries and memorials to the missing ensure that these brave men are not forgotten, it is only right that the soldiers of Fromelles are given the same opportunity.


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