Posted by: mcfinder | November 5, 2008

The Medals of the Great War

Synonymous with any campaign are the medals they men who fought proudly wear on their chest. The medals of the Great War are varied and numerous (although not as numerous as the Second World War!). In my opinion the best thing about the medals of the Great War is the fact that almost all of them are inscribed with the name/rank/regiment of the recipient. This is a great source of ownership and pride to those who are safekeeping family medals, and also a great source of research opportunity for historians and collectors of military medals.

I have set up an area of the blog dedicated to medals, and over the coming weeks/months I will describe all of the campaign and military medals that were issued during the Great War, and give you some pointers as to spotting fakes, the reasons why they were issued, approx numbers issued and anything else of interest I can dig up.

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